New Generation of Game Consoles: “Cloud Gaming”

Today, there are two big factors called cloud technology and big data and these technologies play an important role in our daily life. For years, many people have been using cloud technology with or without realizing it. Thus, cloud technology is spreading gradually in the internet world. Therefore, today, as gaming platform, we will review the “Cloud Gaming” subject for our readers. Here the details: What is cloud gaming…

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Future of Gaming Industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Video Games


What’s the future of gaming sector? If we were studying this issue a few years ago, we would envy the game elements using VR technology. Apps like Half-Life: Alyx will become more common and things will really get out of hand. Today we will open the Artificial Intelligence file in Video Games Industry for you, here our detailed review about game sector’s future and artificial intelligence what will change digital…

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