What’s the future of gaming sector? If we were studying this issue a few years ago, we would envy the game elements using VR technology. Apps like Half-Life: Alyx will become more common and things will really get out of hand. Today we will open the Artificial Intelligence file in Video Games Industry for you, here our detailed review about game sector’s future and artificial intelligence what will change digital games distribution ecosystem aswell.

AI in game: What is the future of vr gaming?

It can be really difficult to argue about the future of the VR issue. However, someones who can shed light on our path are still alive and lead us. The game industry is now debated in universities and studied as a scholar. In this respect, there are few experts in the world who are famous in the game field. One of them is Dr. Jethro Shell that give lessons in De Montfort University. And the other expert teaches at Falmouth University, Dr. Edward Powley. They specify the future of gaming sector with their lessons and scientific articles.

What game has the most advanced AI?

Best AI game: Main Assembly 

The views of the professors have recently been concentrated on a game: Main Assembly. This ai game is definitely very different from other game groups. You can build and manage robots, vehicles and constructions in the game. Thanks to the toolkit offered, there is an unlimited area of freedom. We are talking about perhaps the most high-tech game in the game world.

Mixed reality: Future of pc gaming and gaming consoles

Main Assembly is actually not the first and only. Many mixed reality games such as Pokemon Go have been published before. However, the most popular product worldwide was Pokemon Go. Main Assembly is preparing to become an authority on mixed reality. Every game eventually enters the mixed reality universe, and the industry quickly delivers a more realistic gaming experience.

According to Dr Powley, VR technology draws a reverse curve to social habits and teachings. VR glasses are quite expensive and luxurious. However, people who use VR like to be isolated from society thanks to these devices. Because these devices allow you to escape from unwanted environments in society and design a world of your own. You are experiencing brand new friends, a brand new social life and unique entertainment.

Artificial intelligence in gaming 

Dr Shell: “The industry is moving towards VR 2.0. However, more data is needed to provide a more developed service in mixed reality.

VR technology can advance successfully. However, some improvements are needed for this. Imagine the feeling of touching weapons and ammo while playing FPS games. Or imagine you touching the wheel of a race car. When you play the game, imagine being attacked and feeling all the violence over your body.

How is AI used in gaming?

There are many new developments in the industry. Tactile sensors are currently being tested and adapted to consoles, but there is still a long way to go. There is a big step forward for us to reach the reality felt. However, the situation is not entirely negative. Gradual progress is being made on this road. The game industry is at the peak of what it could be. Graphics, artificial intelligence, mobile technology and computer hardware are developing together. Also, internet technology is improving thanks to the feedback from the games. Thus, extremely artistic and creative possibilities emerge.

The role of artificial intelligence: What does AI mean in video games?

These two experts who conduct research in the sector predict that the artificial intelligence factor will be decisive in the games. Moreover, artificial intelligence is actively used and will be used not only while playing the game, but also during the game production process. However, production studios do not want games to develop in the artificial intelligence circle. They do not want an artificial environment in games, the environment should be extremely natural.

“We have come a long way in graphics, but there is still room for improvement. We need to make the characters more realistic and have a better interaction with the gamers” recalls Dr Powley.

Advantages of ai in gaming: Can AI make games?

Artificial Intelligence technology eliminates the time problem in the game development process. This situation will be even more pronounced in the future. Artificial intelligence will actively create content and minimize human labor. In addition, while games are being produced, games with brand new game dynamics and images can be created by using an evolutionary technology. This is already being experienced in today’s artificial intelligence technology and the first big steps have already been taken.

“Nowadays this technology may seem like a bit of random software. But in the future the situation will be very exciting for both players and developers. AI technology will play an active role in the building process of the games we will experience in the future. There is a need to integrate more artificial intelligence into the system, and that is completely. It’s about an academic research. It is an indisputable fact that these studies will affect games. ” recalls Dr. Powley.

Future of virtual reality gaming

Gaming sector transforms the world to an uknown direction

What the future will bring is unknown. However, the only thing known is that every new game that comes out opens up another possibility. We are talking about an unlimited universe here. A universe where every new technology that comes out increases the possibilities a hundred times.

Dr. Powley casts praise for the creative play in the game Main Assembly and reveals all the facts with an extraordinary explanation: “Games can now rival the cinema as a storytelling tool.” Half-Life Alyx is one of the best examples of this and it reveals what VR can do, how it can blend reality and fiction and confuse minds. He also notes that games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be both a means of sociability and an escape from society.

What is the future of gaming?

Dr Shell points out the importance of powerful games like “The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption”. “Thanks to the open-ended gameplay and improved graphics of these games, the player and the character have a closer relationship.” recalls the doctor.

There is another interesting aspect of the job. In the games, interesting topics in society can be targeted recently, dramatic topics are skillfully taught, and problems are viewed from a new angle. For example, in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, people with mental health problems are tackled. The idea of portraying these people as crazy is opposed and an alternative interpretation is made. A reaction to stereotyped, hereditary social behaviors is put forward and a new perspective is introduced.

What is the future of gaming consoles?

Future of gaming consoles depends on the life-time and effect of games. In this concept, the game That Dragon, Cancer, on the other hand, is a game that will definitely astonish you and give you goosebumps. We witness a 12-month-old child getting cancer in the game. The character struggles for survival for 4 years before dying. The game is shaped around the beautiful and dramatic moments that develop during this period and conquers the hearts of the players with a unique style. A unique, dramatic story, game dynamics and emotional intelligence of the gamer come together to create an extraordinary mixed reality that is tearful and that no motion picture can do.

According to Dr. Powley, many game companies today use digital games as a storytelling tool and serve to educate / develop players’ ideas. Games transform and develop society. Honestly speaking, games take on an almost sacred task.

Dr Shell thinks the same way. Doctor states that games consist of difficult and socially not yet understood issues. The games force the gamer, and consequently the society, to think differently and take on a developer / instructive role. However, there is a large group of people who do not play games and this part of this society is far from this experience.

Future of mobile gaming and future of online gaming

The future of the gaming industry and future of mobile gaming is still waiting to be illuminated and it is pregnant with miracles. Yet there are still many amazing new features, a tearful life experience like That Dragon, Cancer, a few great alternatives with high tech like Main Assembly, and all this mixed reality “extraordinary experiences” await us on game platforms like Steam. Future of online gaming is shaped step by step in master hands and presented in these gaming platforms.

Future of ai in video games

Where is the future of the gaming industry evolving? To a brand new future where there is more empathy, more drama, more reality and parallel to that, more entertainment.

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