Today, there are two big factors called cloud technology and big data and these technologies play an important role in our daily life. For years, many people have been using cloud technology with or without realizing it. Thus, cloud technology is spreading gradually in the internet world. Therefore, today, as gaming platform, we will review the “Cloud Gaming” subject for our readers. Here the details:

What is cloud gaming and cloud computing services?

The cloud world covers a very large area. Cloud technology is used both in the informatics industry and at every point where it comes into contact with. Actually, the idea of ​​cloud computing appears as a convenient and practical approach in many industries. In this sense, the gaming industry, whose market size has become indisputable, is also beginning to benefit from this technology. Moreover, this is not a very small benefit. With this new technology, the expectations of the gamers and the way they play will change from beginning to end.

The starting point of cloud computing goes back to the 1960s. Giant companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have made great strides in this area. These big brands aimed to meet the needs of their companies in more convenient and practical ways. For this reason, these companies started to develop cloud technology services very quickly and played a big role in the industry.

Amazon launched the technology named Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) in 2006. This technology has been adopted by users both in the individual and professional world and has been a solution to many problems. With these developments, services such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS began to fall short. Because now a brand new service called GaaS was needed, namely “Gaming as A Service”.

Is cloud gaming possible? Detailed review and information about cloud gaming 

It is not unusual for an industry to cross paths with cloud computing. The main reason for this is to reduce high costs. Not only that, cloud technology provides ease of access from any environment. Based on this vision, the gaming industry made a great breakthrough and introduced the idea of cloud gaming to gamers and entrepreneurs. Cloud gaming is actually a cloud computing service that uses virtualization technology in the best way.

What is cloud gaming?  How does cloud based gaming work?

Cloud gaming is one of the newest types of cloud computing and is increasingly finding a place in the gaming industry. Cloud games offer players an extremely advantageous world. The computer or console game is transmitted to the player as a snapshot via cloud gaming technology. This is done remotely with a central computer, the game image is delivered to the user via the internet. 

How cloud gaming works?

The keyboard and mouse movements of the player are instantly transferred to the remote server during the game. Thus, games requiring high system requirements can be played on computers with low hardware. In addition, games can also be played on even unsupported platforms in this way. The only disadvantage of cloud gaming is that it needs a high and uninterrupted internet connection.

Do you wonder how cloud gaming works? Here a little scheme to explain the system basically.

Nvidia, Microsoft and Sony are the leading companies that bring the idea of ​​cloud gaming to the sector and spread this technology. Nvidia has been in the industry for a long time. Nvidia company owns a cloud gaming service called “Grid”. The company used this service in games with high intensity and high speed. Thus, this service was categorized for some games and productized, and it was quite successful.

Grid has a very rich game library and serves on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet and smart TV. Nvidia, in additionly, is now trying to add games to streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify from these multiple devices. Microsoft is in the cloud gaming industry with its Azure brand. Azure also shows itself in XBOX, another product of Microsoft. The system offers game producers services that include player analysis and platform-based player behavior patterns supported by PaaS and IaaS services. Sony as well entered the cloud gaming industry with Playstation Now. Thanks to PlayStation Now technology, Playstation games can be played from any platform. The global leader of the game world, Steam as well did not miss the cloud gaming train and is in the industry with the Steam Link brand.

Is cloud gaming the future?

Cloud computing services are rapidly gaining popularity for a reason: “Pay for what you use”. Cloud gaming is on the rise because gamers no longer have to buy games and consoles at high prices. Although there are giants such as Steam, Sony and Microsoft in the industry, brands such as LiquidSky can also be seen in the market. Additionally, platforms such as PlayKey, which have open source code, have also found a place in the industry and offer various subscription options to players. Is cloud gaming the future: most likely it will be an important part of gaming world.

Will cloud gaming kill consoles?

Are game consoles dying? This question is asked a lot on the internet. The concept of cloud gaming brings many advantages. However, some requirements still exist and must be completed. High speed internet and bandwidth are important for cloud gaming. At this point, the quality of the service provided by internet service providers and the strength of the internet infrastructure stand out. Therefore we cannot say cloud gaming will kill consoles, for now. Cloud computing will spread rapidly in the coming years and costs will decrease. We will see many companies in this sector. Together with platforms such as Netflix and Youtube, we will also witness the rise of the cloud gaming industry altogether.

Is there any free cloud gaming service?

Good news for gamers looking for free cloud gaming service. Facebook entered the industry with its free-to-play cloud gaming service. Thanks to this feature, social media users will now be able to play cloud gaming games via phone and computer.

What is the best cloud gaming service?

Here the best 20 cloud gaming service:

1- Microsoft Azure

2- Playstation Now

3- Xbox App

4- Steam Link

5- Google Stadia

6- LiquidSky


8- Shadow

9- GeForce Now

10- Vortex

11- Project Xcloud

12- Parsec 

13- Paperspace

14- Blacknut

15- Netboom

16- Moonlight

17- Jump

18- Remotr

19- Rainway

20- HP Omen Game Stream

Cloud gaming headsets and other cloud gaming products as well have already begun to take their place in the market. We will talk about them in another article. Stay with game!

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